- just me venting lol -

soooooo this is, as u might understand, just going to be me venting about things because sometimes i really just have to let it all out. i just feel annoying when i go to my friends or my boyfriend you know. and also maybe someone here feels the same? maybe someone will relate to these feelings. i'm not actually expecting anyone to read these but yeah, who knows. if you ever want to talk to me about something just reach out, i'm here always ♡ (my discord is written on my "about me" page)

i also wanted my vents to be kinda organized that's why i made this outlay. yeah, that's about it!! disclaimer: i sometimes refer to other people as "you", so it's not all the same person i'm talking about. it's just so that i don't say their real names.

also ofc, major trigger warning for all of these as i won't censor myself at all, this is for me to write whatever i want.

♡ take care! ♡





i'm angerey

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