- angry vents -


I've seen your bad side. And it's clear to see that the others don't know you so well. I'd rather be lonely than be your friend :)!


Just so you know, y'all look really fucking stupid now. It's kinda funny. BFF's with a rapist. You're disgusting. You deserve nothing. You're just lonely pieces of shits that do anything to not feel alone, it's pathetic. And I think you know, that's the worst part. I'm happy I left you, i'm so fucking happy. Can't wait until I finish school so I don't have to see your fucking miserable faces anymore. You're getting what you deserve.


Last time you fucked me up I told myself "this is the last time, if she does anything to hurt me again I'm out". And here we are, barely took you one week, huh?
At this point I honestly don't give a fuck anymore how much you "love" me, how much you "care" about me, how "special" I am to you. You've fucked it all. You keep telling me that I'm your only friend, that I'm not like anyone you've ever known before, yet you keep hurting me. Even when I keep the communication as good as I can from my side, you don't fucking listen. You go and do things that you know whill hurt me, over and over again. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of you. Then when I tell you that it hurt me you blame it on something else, "sorry I'm dumb", "sorry I didn't think", "sorry it was my anxiety". Fuck all of that. It's only excuses. Then you feel bad because you hurt me and say that I mean so much to you and that you feel real shitty and that you're thinking about killing yourself. You never actually take responsibility for your actions, you're always the victim. All of this was useless, all this hurting for nothing. I hope you're happy now. You got to feel a little for a little while, then it ended. Then everything ended. Hope you're fucking happy because I'm done. I really am. Fuck you for lying. I need to have some self-respect fro myself for once, and this is me doing just that. That's it. No more wasting time on someone who doesn't deserve it. On someone who doesn't deserve me.


I can't believe what happened that night.
I can't believe you don't believe me. I will never forgive you if you do this.


it's been a month. a. whole. month. probably more. and you told me you'd get better. you told me you'd improve, that i was worth it. i'm clearly not. just say it to me, true. tell me how you feel. tell me how much you want to die. it's whatever really at this point. just sending me messages when you're drunk about how sorry you are for being a bad friend, and how i deserve so much better and how much you love me isn't enough. it's not getting better. when was the last time you really cared? you haven't asked in weeks.
i'm not even angry at this point, i've just given up.


Konrad. De e den.


i feel so used by you. i'm not going to sugarcoat it anymore. i feel so fucking used. like i'm only your friend when you need comfort, when you're sad, when you need to hear that you're not a bad friend. but i'm getting so tired of this. you always talk about how you're going to get better, that you love me, that you're trying, but are you?? i can't see it. because you don't fucking tell me. you only come to me when you're sad and you don't even listen to my advice. you deserve to get better, but you're just taking me for granted at this point. and it makes me kind of angry. sometimes i regret spending so much time trying to comfort you. i'm not expecting anything back when i'm there for you. but you really don't show me that you care about me at all. you don't text me for a week when i've tried starting a conversation multiple times and then all of a sudden you text me talking about how shit you are. you never tell me when you feel good, you never put in any effort when we hang out. i don't know i wish things were different. i'm sorry. i'm just fucking done. i'm done with toxic people. i'm tired tired tired of you. and your sorrys and i didn't mean too's. fuck off. you can't expect me to put up with your shit for so long when you ignore me for days or when you make everything about yourself. i hate to be the angry one, i hate feeling hurt by someone else. but i really do.




i'm angerey

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