♡ Hello ♡

- online i usually go by Pztlz -
- i am 18 years old -
- INFP -
- virgo (but i don't feel like one) -
- i am from sweden -
- i go to art school -
- english, swedish, japanese (learning)-
- i love bunnies!! -

likes mornings, coffee, exploring, crystals, thrift stores, glitter glue, vulnerability, house parties, fairy lights, staying up all night, burning things, looking through old photoalbums, the sound of the harp
 dislikes  cake, pizza, people who refuse to change, sleeping alone, action/superhero movies, tik tok, spending money :(

color: PINK!!! (and purple)
movies: welcome to the dollhouse, spirited away, watership down, kill bill, promising young woman
tv shows: Bojack Horseman, SKINS, The End Of The Fxxxing World, for anime: click here!
things that i do on my spare time: drawing, playing the guitar, writing, playing the ukulele, longboarding, pole dancing, tarot card reading, crochet, coding ;)!
albums: click Here!
songs: click here!
books: the perks of being a wallflower, mun mot mun
manga: happy sugar life, nana, the promised neverland
things i obsess over: FRUiTS magazine and black holes

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- may 2022 -

oh, and this website is a way for me to express myself and to vent about things, so keep that in mind :3

(tw: self harm, drug use, childhood trauma, ed, depression, sexual trauma, anxiety, bpd, suicidal thoughts.)