Puella Magi Madoka Magica

a show about magical girls, can it get any better?
i love the erie undertones and how the story
progress from cute and innocent to something
more sinister. afer like 2 episodes i got hooked and
couldn't stop watching it! one of my all time faves now :') favorite characters :

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

i wouldn't really say that this is my kind
of anime, but it was one of the first ones i
ever saw and i can't discredit it that! it's
really cute and heartwarming, oh and gay! :>
favorite characters :

Higurashi When They Cry

i started watching is thinking that it
wouldn't be that creepy, but MAN IT WAS!!
a really good horror anime if you're asking me!
favorite characters :


this anime will most likely make you
spiral into an existential crisis as you
start questioning whether or not you're a furry deep down's a really good show! i would def recommend it
favorite characters :


got this recommended to me because i like Higurashi,
wouldn't say they are that alike though.i kind of
expected it to be more...gory? i don't know it felt
a little underwhelming. i like the twist in the end!
favorite characters :


i got through this show in like 2 days
because i was so obsessed with it when i was
watching it. the art style is amazing and the
plot slaps! one of my faves :)
favorite characters :


this anime, i tell you man. it. ripped.
my. fragile. heart. out. the story was so
intersting and it was one of those shows that
wouldn't leave my mind until i got to the very end.
favorite characters :

Devilman: Crybaby

one of the first animes i finished which is kind
of funny because this anime is so so so strange. sometimes
i got so lost i had to rewatch huge portions of an
ep to understand lol. i kinda want to re-watch it!
favorite characters :

Serial Experiments Lain

the first anime i ever finished! it's not an
easy one to watch, you really need
to be alert all the time to understand
what's going on. but it's really interesting one you get it!
favorite characters :

No. 6

my ex boyfriend made me watch this
and i was kind of afraid i
would hate it and let him down, but no no. it's
a pretty good anime with a really interesting plot!
favorite characters :

Soul Eater

another one i watched with my ex. i think it's the
longest anime i've watched this far! ughhhh i LOVE THE
sometimes it could get a tad slow, but i love it anyway!
favorite characters :


Sailor Moon

Corpse Party: Blood Covered

The Promised Neverland

Happy Sugar Life


Hitman Reborn!