this is a list of (most of) my favorite songs!!
i'm sorry that it's so much lol, that might make the site a bit slow hehe.
it might change from time to time as i always find new music i like
but other than that enjoy :3!

No one is ever going to want me

And here we go, now
(Step one, step two)
Over the bridge of sighs
(Step three, step four)
We will get a cross like Christ, crucified
(We fall through the floor)
It's like a birth but it is in reverse
(Fall through the floor)
Never gets better, always gets worse
(Fall through the floor)
One, two, fuck you!
I wanna feel like I feel when I'm asleep
I wanna feel like I feel when I'm asleep
I wanna feel

Jenny, you're barely alive

And it's all the mornings
We missed for sleep
As the sun glides over our apartment
And it's all the subtle change in landscape and business
Reminds you of your limited time
This time you'll listen to the movement in your body
How it keeps on despite you and it frightens you
Cause you're barely alive

Orange peeler

You think of me, I'll think of you as a place, as a home
I hold onto your words like candlelight
You hold onto mine like a pantomime

I always lose :/

I remember where we met so clearly
Why won't you let me forget
And move on, move on
'Cause it hurts to get as close
To anyone as I got to you
And every time that's what I do
And it always comes back to you
I always lose

Sunrise, sunset

She raised her hands in the air, asked you
When was the last time you looked in the mirror?
Cause you've changed
Yeah, you've changed
Sunrises, sunsets
You're hopeful then you regret
The circle never breaks
With a sunrise and a sunset there's a change of heart or address
Is there nothing that remains?
For a sunrise or a sunset
You're manic or you're depressed
Will you ever feel ok?
For a sunrise or a sunset, your lover is an actress
Did you really think she'd stay?
For a sunrise or a sunset
You're either coming or you just left but you're always on the way


Turn the station, there's something crawling in
The hounds are restless, you can hear them sing
The water rises, trembling as it breathes
You said you felt a quick shift in the breeze

Something about you

In the car
Cruising around with you
And my baby
You know that I got you

The flag is raised

Here comes that feeling, you should never let it go

Camp adventure

So let us go our ways and skip out all the pain
And forget all the...
Bricks we've laid into this path, yet the house remains undone
Flooding at every cloud and withering in the sun
How's one meant to grow when walls keep caving in?

Please just stay dead

All the pets I’ve buried
Just wanted me to know
Sometimes it’s okay
To let a good thing go



Asking for it

If you live through this with me
I swear that I would die for you
And if you live through this with me
I swear that I would die for you

Don't delete the kisses

And here's the night bus, I have to go
And the doors are closing, and you were waving
And I like you, and I'll never let it show
And you won't wait, and maybe I won't mind
I work better on my own
And now I'm home, a little bit drunk
And I ask myself
What if it's not meant for me?

Foam Born (A) The Backtrack

Always wanting more
Bettering ourselves through selfish minds
It has started to overflow

Oh no!

I feel like I'm the worst
So I always act like I'm the best
If you are not very careful
Your possessions will possess you
TV taught me how to feel
Now real life has no appeal

Kill me and eat me

Kill me, I don't wanna feel
Bury my body up on the hill
You can get with me
I know that you want that
I know that you like that

The perfect girl

You're such a strange girl
I think you come from another world

Trumpeting Ecstasy

Eternal happiness, clapped in irons.
Eternal happiness, mighty strikes.

Die Motherfucker Die

Lost in a mind full of pain, it's slowly driving you insane
Self inflicting torture and pain, put the gun to your brain

Everything is scary

Describe the way the sun hit
A tree you saw when you were ten
I think of everything
When I'm driving not knowing where I'm going
Hearing dogs bark
In your new neighborhood

Mystery of love

How much sorrow can I take?
Blackbird on my shoulder
And what difference does it make
When this love is over?


Might Drive this car real fast until we die
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, sex on my mind

Don't Be So Hard On Your Own Beauty

You pick up all my guts
Spilling out, bruised up, bloodied up
I look into your eyes and
and see a bright white light
and you turn this horrible place
Orange light, sunset in sight


You make me feel like I am clean again

Divide me

And if I could go back in time
I'd take your life right out of mine

(I'm) Waiting for the sun



Promise me you're never the victim
Promise me you have to fight

Clench to stay awake

Tell me that I’ve gotta clench to stay awake
Tell me that I’ve gotta clench the pain away
Here comes the pain, I can blow it away
Find a way to cope for another day
Sharp pain coming on, I'm blacked out
Next time it comes, I'm not gonna back out
Run to the back, find a place to lie down
Get on my back, hope the pain will die down
Ashamed of my mind, ashamed of my body
From now on I'm in control

Tu Tu Neurotic

We're addicted to the pain
Cause it just won't leave

The calendar hung itself

I drug your ghost across the country
and we plotted out my death
in every city memories would whisper
"here is where you rest"
I was determined in Chicago
but I dug my teeth into my knees
and I settled for a telephone
sang into your machine:
"You are my sunshine
my only sunshine
You are my sunshine
my only sunshine"

In case I fall for you

Oh I think I’m in love
In love with you
Nowhere else will I find peace but when I’m with you

Love in the Time of socialism

Maybe I was destined for philosophy
Leading leftist ideologies
At the Paris-Sorbonne
Dreaming up the splendid demise
Of the societies we despise
At Café de Flore