welcome welcome to my playlist page! here i have linked some of my spotify playlists and written my favorite lyrics from songs that are in the lists. have a nice stay!<3

(weird fucking music for ur soul uwu)


(some cute snowy-feel songs)

(my favorite swedish songs! <3)

"Tänk om det finns en bortglömd väg
Som ingen gått på långa år
Den kanske leder oss till vattnen
Till ringarna på vattnet
Till en underjordisk stad"
"Tänd På" - Kent

"I fåtöljen framför tv:n, där har jag mitt liv
Mina blommor, de dör, jag är trött, trött och skör
Men jag va stark, jag kan få allt
Jag kan sprida färg, jag kan regera
Men det blir nog en till kaffe och en cigarett"
"Kaffe Och En Cigarett" - Olle Ljungström

"Jag kan vara ditt plåster, skydda dig ett tag
Men vi båda vet att plåster faller av"
"Plåster" - Oskar Linnros

(this just makes me feel like the teenage cliché i am)

"Tim, wish you were born a girl
So I could've been your boyfriend
I know it's not possible now
I just never met a girl I like half as much as you"
"Tim I Wish You Were Born A Girl" - of Montreal

"Does he lay awake listening to your breath
Worried you smoke too many cigarettes
Is he coughing now on a bathroom floor
For every speck of tile, there's a thousand more
You won't ever see, but must hold inside yourself
Well I drug your ghost across the country
And we plotted out my death
In every city, memories would whisper, 'here is where you rest'"
"The Calendar Hung Itself..."-Bright Eyes

(70/80's music + pulp fiction soundtrack)

"The summer is here at last
The sky is overcast
And no one brings a rose for Emily

She watches her flowers grow
While lovers come and go
To give each other roses from her tree
But not a rose for Emily

Emily, can't you see
There's nothing you can do?
There's loving everywhere
But none for you

Her roses are fading now
She keeps her pride somehow
That's all she has protecting her from pain

And as the years go by
She will grow old and die
The roses in her garden fade away
Not one left for her grave
Not a rose for Emily"
"A Rose For Emily" - The Zombies

(rave music mixed with grunge and techno esc.)

"I'm the same as you, I have nothing
I am empty too in the right way"
"Forgiveness" - Alice Glass

"Little girl, she's on the floor
She gets it all 'cause she's the whore
Little girl, she's on the ground
She gets it all for falling, falling down"
"Babydoll" - Hole

"Am I worth it or am I worthless?
And will I ever figure it out?...
I wanna be the one to
I want a weak chance
I'm not just body tissue
I wanna play pretend
I don't wanna see tomorrow
Tell me where to spit
Don't tell me what to swallow"
"Without Love" - Alice Glass

(songs to listen to while riding down the street on ur heelys)

"Where do we go from here?
The words are coming out all weird
Where are you now?
When I need you...
I need to wash myself again
To hide all the dirt and pain"
"The Bends" - Radiohead

"Growing up is suicide and it's making me insane"
"Kids" - The Frights

(a playlist i made for my old "friend" ana..)

"It's not your body that I love, but it's the shell you're inside of
And you're killing it, you're killing the only piece of you I can touch
It's not your body that I need, but that's what sleeps next to me
And you're killing it, you're killing it, you're killing it"
"Please Eat" - Nicole Dollanger

"And it's all the subtle change in landscape and business
Reminds you of your limited time
This time you'll listen to the movement in your body
How it keeps on despite you and it frightens you
Cause you're barely alive"
"Jenny, You're Barely Alive" - Rilo Kiley

"And it's inadequate to describe where I am
In the room of my house
Where the light has never been
Waiting for this day to end
And these clocks keep unwinding...
Once the page of a calendar is turned it's no more
So tell me, then, what was it for?"
"A Scale, A Mirror And Those Indifferent Clocks" - Bright Eyes

(feels like walking across flower fields for hours, a neverending morning)

"Morphing to flowers, blossom in the park
I begged the sun for keeping you unharmed...
Are you flying alone to Florida?
Storms on the radar
It’s raining hard tonight
I’ll be the shelter in your abandoned yard"
"Vanilla" - Sunset Rollercoaster

"And right there and then
I swore to no end
Swore to never let you go
But love’s got a way of fading away
I never saw you again"
"Daniel" - Devendra Banhart

(for sitting on the bus looking at people with squinted eyes, in disbelief)

"It's not this life, it's these dreams that bring down,
The me inside"
"OutRight" - Wild Party

"They say, "You want a war? You've got a war!"
But who are you fighting for?
The tide's out, the ship's run aground
We drown traitors in shallow water"
"Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends" - Fall Out Boy

"Wake up, wake up, wake up
It's Monday morning and we've only got a thousand of them left
Well, I know it feels pointless and you don't have any money
We're all just gonna try our fucking best"
"People" - The 1975

(songs to ~ get high to, dance to, breathe to. self explanatory ;) )

"We find it hard to deal with
When our dreams come true
As if happiness exists
In the world at a fixed amount
And if you feel up
Somebody somewhere else feels down"
"1517" - The Whitest Boy Alive

"You sink a bit whenever angels fly"
"Saucer-Like" - Sonic Youth

"I want you to ask yourself this question
When you dream, do you dream only in black and white?
Or do you dream in color?
It's interesting because everyone is different
When I dream, I always dream in color
Some people only dream in black and white
And are you yourself in the dream?
Or do you see or watch yourself in the dream?"
"Steal Something" - Bring Me The Horizon