here are some photos of me and my friends and a couple of the adventures we've been on.

nostalgia, all the times i've walked up those stairs..

you have always been a theif, heven't you?

i don't hear much from you anymore, how are you?

aand then i haunt you via the rear view mirror on a long drive from the back seat.

oh, how i miss berlin..

don't grow up to be like me, kids!

but you were so happy, what happened?

i'm not sad that it's over. to be honest, it almost feels like it never really happened.

we used to be so innocent..

did we wake up one day to change? did you notice it in you?

i saw the light inside yesterday, and i wondered
"why do i do this to myself?"

it is hard to understand,

she asked me why. i told her i don't know why. sorry.

things are different now.

as if i just woke up. it's morning.

and i fell in love again.

i know you're with me, yet nothing feels familiar anymore.

the world is before me, it was all made for me.

take a deep breat, then one more.
sometimes you have to let things go.


love, buriedgirl<3

To Another part of Reality..