Nicole Dollanger


bloody hands

bloody nicole


I first heard of Nicole Dollanger from reading about the murder of 17 year old Bianca Devins
in July 2019. Bianca attanded a Nicole Dollanger concert only hours before she died. I don't
know why I cared so much about what concert she went to,
but I decided to try to listen to Dollanger myself. At fist I only listened to
a couple of her most famous songs, like "Ugly", "Please Eat",and this
song playing, "Coma Baby". It wasn't until October 2019 that I really started to pick up
on listening to her. At the time I was struggling with depression, anorexia and
insomnia, her songs helped me through it and many times I'd listen to her as I
fell asleep. She ended up becoming one of my most played artists of
2019 even though I started listening to her so late.