hey!! i'm so glad you felt like checking out my work :>!
i decided to make this my poem AND lyric page btw, so some of these are
songs i've written and some are poems :)
i just want to do a warning beforehand that some of these are about pretty
heavy subjects and they can be a little violent/gory sometimes.
thank you, i hope you'll find something you like!<3

I Live As Alice

i go by alice
i turned 14 yesterday
but i wish i didn't have to get out of my bed
because these monsters i'm fighting
are taking the best of me
what's left of me is just
a pathetic fucking loser
i'm going back to my bed

i live as alice
at 14 years old
my mother denies there's something wrong
i guess she can't tell
that i lock myself in the bathroom
to paint my wrists red
although i saw this cute girl today at school
maybe we could smoke weed together
and just for a little while preted life is better

i've never liked the name alice
i've been 14 forever
my dad doesn't know me anymore
but if he did i know he wouldn't be proud of me
skipped school for the 4th time this week
i'm a wreck, i don't know how to handle all the anxiety
i'll sit here and shiver as i listen to you speak
somewhere inside it saddens me that
i'll probably won't be alive to see next fall

buried little girls dont grow

it has been a while
and i havent missed her one bit
like a bird i once buried
in the front yard of my house
she will decay
without candles or
goodbye notes on her grave

she told me she never wanted
to lose me
on the roof of the old school
i knew she wasnt lying
but i lied when i said
neither do i

she lay down in the street to cry
thats where i found her
all bloody and dead
everything is always so funny
we watched the aeroplanes


I want to peel off my skin and sell it
Maybe to a market somewhere
In the middle east where
The candles lights up the fabrics
Of sellers who try to lure you in
To colorful crystals and beautiful jewelry
And the men and women walk around
With herbs and spices up their nostrils
As the dust deliriously form clouds at the bottom of their pride
Somewhere deep in there
In a corner, just by the skulls of
The cats who killed themselves nine times and the
Raw flesh of the pigs who furiously fought, but never won
Somewhere deep in there
Where only the shadows come
Of skeletons who used to be more than just bones
Searching for serotonin in sealed bags of powdery snow
Or needles, free tickets
To Azraels inferno,
Theyre the only ones
Who pass by as the day passes by
My skin, the old shell of me
The shell ive done such horrible things ;
The skin i let get touched
The skin ive scratched, cut, to try to get out of
The skin that hugged my insides tight
after 45 came around
45, 55, what difference does it really make?
When your head is sick and only the wrong things are to be seen by your eyes
When you have to cover the mirrors for they lie
When the old scars cracked open
Out came the buzzing flies
They told everyone that
I let him inside
That he touched this ex-skin of mine with
Dirty fingernails he pushed me down
I didnt make a single sound
Ive never made a noise of suffering - only when i try
to sleep at night for then is when my tears decide
to pour out of the slits in my face
that have begged so many times to never again see another day
But my hands will now follow the
Skinned flesh of my body and I smile
For i am pure now, i am untouched
I do not need to hide.

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