you enter a room...

it's a dark and rainy night. you and your friends decided to explore the old abandoned house at the end of the street,
just by the edge of where the deepest forest of your town begins. you managed to lose your group, you don't remember how,
all of a sudden you just were alone. you start to question wether or not you even got there with your friends at all, or
if you went on your own.

all you brought with you is your dad's old flashlight that you got from the box downstairs just before you snuck out through
the frontdoor to meet your friends by the playground, but now when you think about it, you try to remember your friend's faces,
their voices, were they even there?. you feel a strong sensation of flight, you just want to disappear. but you keep roaming around
the dusty rooms, something keeps you from escaping. spiderwebs, rat nests, bugs and the thick layer of dust that covers about every
surface, the rotten food standing on the counter. in a way the house looks like home, but like the people who lived there just walked out
one day. there is still mail on the table in the kitchen, toys on the floor from kids and jackets haging by the door.

it's like your feet are moving on their own, and before you know it you stand in front of a door with glitter stickers and peeled
away letters on it. the only letters you could make out was p, l and z. you don't understand what it means. you slowly raise your
hand and press down the doorknob, and another world opened up.


it was something different, something you've never laid your eyes upon before
it looks like all the light in the world was gethering in this snall room
in the corner of your eyes you see it - an old box of some sort. it has old residue
from glitter glue and stickers, fading away. when you take a closer look you could see how the box slowly inflated, deflated,
inflated, deflated. it was breathing. before you know it you reach out your hand, like a primitive instinct
it's too late to turn back now...